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An Introduction of Sorts

Hello Friends!

Let me introduce you to myself: I’m Melissa Rose!

I never really know how to start things off when talking about myself. I mean, what do I say about myself that would properly introduce you to who I am? So, instead of bombarding you with 15-20 years of information and tidbits about me, I’m just going to tell you about my day. You can pick up on little things about me that way!

First, I am NOT a morning person! While 5-6 am is actually my absolute favorite time of day, I hate being awake at that time! I used to work the graveyard shift and my spirits always lifted when I would see the sky start to lighten and the sun come up. Now, I’m not sure if my spirits lifted more-so because that meant I was almost off work or if I just truly love that time of day. Hahaha! Either way, today I groaned as I rolled out of bed and refused to open my eyes while getting ready to go to work, feeling my way through the darkness… Currently, my day job consists of baby sitting a handsome little blue eyed 2 year old. We’ll call him “K.” K is a sweet, cuddly, funny, particular, food-loving, water-loving little boy and so far, every day with him has be different! As someone without any biological children of her own, that’s something that has been quite the experience. I have two step-children. Both boys. Gavin is 13 and Tristin, 11. That’s a whole other experience! Haha! Anyone out there feel me? Anyhow, I digress a little. I scooted on down to work and bing-bang-boom, Mom comes home, I clock out and head home.

I was followed through the door by my husband shortly after I arrived home and we got ready to go rock wall climbing! Tristin loves to climb things, especially rocks. In summers past, we would be hiking in Yosemite National Park, somewhere in Mammoth Lakes, or in Sequoia National Park and Tristin would always be climbing and bouncing off evert rock he could touch. I think he wants to be a professional rock climber… I’m not sure how I feel about that! Those people can be crazy! But at the very least, it’s a fun hobby that keeps him active. Gavin couldn’t care less about rock climbing. For him, if it’s not a video game, there’s almost no interest. He does have a couple interests outside of video games though. He’s recently been trying to teach himself piano and he likes mountain biking. So… *shrugs*

This hobby of rock climbing is about three or four months new as our base only recently put up a rock wall. I wasn’t too sure about rock climbing. I mean, do I really want to deal with the tore up fingers and calloused hands? The answer to that my friends is YES! I do! As its turned out, I’ve come to really enjoy rock climbing! I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday evening when the rock wall is open and! I recently found out about a place called Boulderdash that I can’t wait to go try out! 

Climbing today was awesome! I’ve been belaying a lot for Tristin, my husband – who I’m anchored to the ground for, and other people here and there. But today, TODAY, there were enough belayers that I actually got to climb! A lot! I think I climbed the most I’ve been able to climb all summer! My first climb of the day, I was almost to the top when I reached for a hold that turned out to be loose. I grabbed onto it, shifted all my weight to it when it spun and I fell away from the wall! But fear not reader! I was safely harnessed in, so all I did was swing back and forth. Another time I went up today, I received quite a scary shock. I was about half way up the wall on an intermediate route when my belayer shouted, “Hold on! My vision just went out!” I froze where I was on the wall and tried not to freak out. I wasn’t too hight, but I was high enough that if for some reason I did fall, I could get hurt pretty good. I was able to come down as an instructor came over and took over the belaying as best he could. It’s safe to say, I needed a break after that. Towards the end of the climbing session, I earned myself a nice skin tear on my right index finger trying to reach for a hold that I slipped off of. Hey, it comes with the territory. I’m looking forward to when that battle wound turns into a callous. 

I don’t know how many times I got to go up, but I know that it was a lot because as I sit here typing, I can feel the fatigue in my hands, forearms, arms, and shoulders. One of the best things about this wall is that there are all kinds of routs to climb. From easy beginner climbs to expert climbs. I’m somewhere in the middle currently. I definitely need to work on my strength and technique. Speaking of strength, two hours doesn’t sound like a lot of time to climb, but at the end of those two hours, I’m tired!

In fact, I’m tired right now and I have an early morning appointment. So it’s off to bed for this ol’ lady!


Until next time,

Capture memories and climb on!

My first climb! The start of it all!

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  1. Dusty Rose says:

    Your photos are lovely! I do not do well with any kind of rock climbing wall, but kudos to you & co. Seems like a good way to connect with Tristin. =) Looking forward to hearing more about you on your blog.

  2. Shara says:

    That looks like so much fun! I agree about the beauty of the sun rise, but not wanting to be up that early.