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Little Miss “S”

Hello Friends!

I would like to introduce you to Little Miss “S.” 

Often times I tell my Momma’s that our session will only go as well as baby allows it. Any photographer how photographs newborns knows this! A session will only go as good as baby is. Let me tell ya, this little princess definitely tested my ability to work with a baby that wanted nothing to do with the camera, lighting, wraps, or me! Hahaha 

I felt so bad during the session. Baby Girl just wasn’t diggin’ her time in the spot light and I felt like it was all my fault. I felt like I was doing everything wrong the whole session and it really knocked my confidence in my skill and ability down to the ground.

When I opened up the images though, and started to edit them, I started to feel better because, well… You’ll see below. 🙂

Mom and Dad ended up with so many beautiful images of their precious baby girl and I couldn’t have been happier! I’m so grateful I’ve had such a great mentor to teach me newborn photography and give me guidance and encouragement. 

I love these photos and I certainly hope you do too!

Capture Memories and Climb On!

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