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Hello friends!

I want you to meet Ross & Dawne.

I was contacted earlier this year by Dawne because she wanted some photos of her and her husband, not only because it was their 20th year of marriage, but because Ross was going in for some very serious surgery. The surgery was so serious that the doctor couldn’t promise that Ross would make it through. Now, I’ve known this couple almost my entire life, so this shoot was special to me. Before they showed up to the location, I sat in my car and just prayed for a moment, asking God to use me to bless this couple with photos they would love and cherish. Under the circumstances at the time, I was very nervous walking into this photoshoot. I wanted to get everything perfect!

In the end, I don’t think we could have been blessed with a better shoot.

We got some really great photos of the couple! Ross and Dawne were such great sports as I bounced them around some areas in the Calabasas Commons. There were very few people there that day, which is a miracle by itself! The Commons are always busy and crowded with people! It was a cool evening and overcast, which made for very nice, easy lighting. And to top it off, we were having fun!

Shortly after this shoot, Dawne and Ross left for Texas for Ross’ surgery. Ross made it through the surgery but had one heck of a time recovering. During the course of his recovery, an aorta ruptured while his surgeon was out of town, he flatlined on the table for 10 minutes, fell into a coma, developed pneumonia, had to have an emergency tracheotomy, and yet… He lived! Ross had so much prayer going up for him and I believe God honored and answered those prayers even though it seemed like he had everything going against him. Ross is nothing but a walking, living, breathing miracle and a testament to the Lord. I think it’s also a testament to Ross’s strength and tenacity. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Capture memories and climb on!

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  1. Dawne Kotzen says:

    Dear Melissa, we love our pictures sooo much❣️ We were so honored to have you take them. We love you and ate so sooo proud of you 🥰 and love what you said in our package. God bless you and your business 🙏

  2. Sally Klein O'Connor says:

    Some really beautiful shots of Ross and Dawne, Melissa!

  3. Dusty says:

    Lovely, beautiful photo shoot. It’s good to see them smiling together.