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It’s been a week for me. I’m currently sitting on my couch, typing up this blog while bogged down by Benadryl. Apparently there is something out there that I am so allergic to that I can develop severe hives with swelling of the face and hands… Hmm…. I have an idea of what caused it, but I am certainly not about to go back to it and find out if that’s what it is. lol

Aside from the miserable-ness that hives brings, I’m pretty excited to share this session with y’all. I shot this session several months back for my dear friend Christina. She’s an amazingly talented photographer. She’s also a wonderful friend, full of sound advice and wisdom. She’s also been a great mentor to me in this business and in learning to run a photography studio. Back when she decided it was time to abandon me for the greener pastures of Oklahoma, we had talked about doing a family photo/portrait swap that ended up not happening. I can’t remember exactly why, but I wasn’t ready for the shoot and neither was my family. lol But the Huff family sure was!  They all showed up to Vasquez Rocks looking dapper and ready for their time in the spot light.

Honestly, I was SO nervous for this photoshoot. My friend is a great photographer and she wanted little ol’ ME to take her family photos before they moved and left CA for good. Not only was it making nervous doing portraits for another photographer, but she told me she was going to print them and hang up in her house! Aaahhh! I felt so much pressure. lol I want to say that I work well under pressure, but I don’t know. Maybe you, the reader, can tell me if I work well under pressure after viewing this gallery. Haha

Something fun that happened during the session was we ran into a lady who was putting on a photoshoot for her llamas!! One was male and one was female. The male had a top hat on y’all! We tried to get a photo with the llama’s but they had other plans just kinda… sauntered away from us and wouldn’t even come back when their owner was calling them. hahaha But you’ll see I did get at least one shot of them!

Over all, this shoot was so fun for me. I got to capture the closing of a chapter in my friends life. I got to capture the relationships of the family members which are goofy, silly, and fun. From dad photobombing pictures to mom and dad kissing, this was definitely a memorable shoot for me. I’m honored that Christina trusted me with these photos and capturing this chapter in her and her family’s life.

Capture Memories and Climb On!


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  1. Barbara says:

    You did your friend proud. Photos are beautiful.