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January 9, 2020

Hello Friends!

I know.

It’s been a very hot minute since I’ve written a blog.

I’ve been so busy! The last 7 months of my life or so has probably been the busiest season of my life. I had picked up a nannying job over the summer that started full time in September. Mean while, I was doing photography part time and slowly building my business up. During that busy season I developed new friendships, deepened a few, and had a plethora of stretching, learning, and growth as a full time stepmom. Now, I’m still very busy filling in all these roles in this season of my life. I don’t really understand it. Haha! I feel like I shouldn’t be as busy as I am, but maybe that’s just life? With nannying full time being unexpectedly cut short (that’s an exciting story for another blog) and being a photographer full time, I’m finally able to start working on my blog again! I have a TON of catching up to do, so a lot of blogs will be coming your way! 😀

Now, let me introduce you to… *drum roll please* Travis and Cornelia and their ADORABLE little girl, Avery!

They’re actually my neighbors. How cool is that?! When they moved in next door, we didn’t go over right away because, honestly, we NEVER saw them! There was a car there in the driveway… We know someone was coming and going because sometimes the car was gone… Gosh, we sound like stalkers. But we’re not stalkers! I promise! Hahaha! Anyway, a few months after they moved in next door, they were outside washing their car and it was the first time we saw that humans lived next door! So my husband and I made our way over and finally was able to introduce ourselves! Turns out they were hiding from us and they thought we weren’t home which is why they were outside that day… Just kidding! Bahaha!

Now, to the good stuff… A while back, I asked Cornelia if her and her husband would be willing to help me build my portfolio with a family session. I was so thrilled when they accepted my offer! So, without further ado, I present to you, The Millers!

Until next time,

Capture Memories & Climb On!

The Millers family photo session.

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  1. Dusty Rose says:

    Beautiful!!! It’s good to hear from you on your blog again, and fun that you finally got to know your neighbors.