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Two Hours in Quarantine

March 23, 2020

Hello Friends!

Amidst all this craziness lies the opportunity of time.

I’m fortunate to live in a relatively isolated community during this crazy and scary covid-19 pandemic. When I leave the house to go on a walk, jog, or bike ride, I’m met with very few people or no one at all. A couple days ago I decided to get out of the house and take a solo bike ride behind where I live. NO ONE was around. I didn’t even take my phone. Just my bike and my camera. I didn’t bring water either, which I almost immediately regretted. I had completely forgotten to grab water because I was more concerned about getting my camera and gear. Sometimes I can be a dingus like that. Haha It was a really great escape for me for those couple of hours. I was alone. During that time alone I prayed, I reflected, I asked God questions, I took pictures and He showed me things. My absolute favorite thing about nature is that, that is where God knows he can get to me. God knows he can reach me through a beautiful cloudy sky, purple wild flowers growing under a dead bush, a carpet of yellow wild flowers… On this bike ride He showed me that there is beauty in the desert, that there are seasons in the desert. Physically, spiritually, and metaphorically. He showed me that beauty and life can come from even the harshest of conditions with just a few drops of rain and let me tell ya, the landscape out here in the desert is very harsh and usually receives very little rain water. God talked to me and showed me that pain is as temporary as the cycle of the season. It may not feel like it when you’re in that time, but it’s still temporary. While pain is inevitable, just like the death of a wild flower, there is beauty and life on the other side of that pain if you allow God to work in you and take that pain, and turn it into something beautiful. Something that can be used for His glory. I wish I could put into more accurate and better words what the Lord was showing me during that bike ride. I’m not good at writing, it’s not a gifting of mine. I just hope that what I did share with you makes sense and that hopefully someone who needed just little hope received that through this blog.

Back to the physical desert behind my neighborhood, it was so beautiful! The sky was straight out of a Disney movie. The land is covered in the first layers of spring flowers and bugs were flying every where. Most of the time I could hear them but not see them, which really freaked me out! I’m terrified of bugs! Anything with more than 4 legs gives me the creeps. *shivers* Despite that, I love nature. I love the outdoors. I push past that distain for creepy crawlies because I love the details of nature and the little things that you normally don’t see on a daily basis. There’s a tiny world out there friends! You just have to stop and take the time to see it.

I hope you like my amateur macro photography! If you’re a photographer, don’t judge my photos too harshly! I forgot my landscape lens (go figure) and I didn’t have a tripod with me for taking the macro photos, they’re all taken by hand. Haha!

Capture memories and climb on!

Macro photos from mountain bike ride


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